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Marcela Fiorillo - Homenaje a Astor Piazzolla

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We are pleased to inform you that Marcela Fiorillo will perform a concert in tribute to the legendary Astor Piazzolla. The concert will take place on Saturday 30 September, at 6:30pm, in the Wesley Music Centre.

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The Revolutionary Maestro of Tango

25th Celebration  - 1992-2017


Marcela Fiorillo

Piano Recital


Book a seat and join us on Saturday 30th of September to celebrate the Musical legacy of Astor Piazzolla: The man and his music - the journey towards his New Tango.

The 25th Anniversary of Astor Piazzolla’s death inspires musicians around the world to honour his music.

The renowned Argentinean pianist Marcela Fiorillo - whose performances critics described as consummate pianism of breathtaking technical assurance and deep expressive power ” - will perform several of the most beautiful pages by Astor Piazzolla on September 30 at 6.30pm at the Wesley Music Centre, Canberra - Australia, October 6 at St Andrew on The Terrace, Wellington-New Zealand and December 8, at La Usina del Arte, Buenos Aires - Argentina.

Without a shadow of doubt, Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) is the most important name in Tango history.  While Carlos Gardel and Ángel Villoldo are credited for creating the “tango canción”, Astor Piazzolla is rightfully considered the father of the “New Tango”,

Astor Piazzolla died in his beloved Buenos Aires 25 years ago. 

In 2017 we celebrate the monumental legacy of one of the greatest musical figures from South America.

This short video provides an overview of the concert:

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