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Tour de los Jardines Botánicos de Sydney y degustación de gin

Fragrant ‘summer secrets’ tour unites gardens and gin
Distillery Botanica

Sydney-siders will be treated to a sensory nirvana this February with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney’s immersive new tour to see two lush, fragrant gardens just north of Sydney, followed by a very ‘botanical’ gin tasting.

The special day-trip will feature two of NSW best-kept secrets: Mount Penang Gardens and Distillery Botanica; and the tour will finish with an aromatic gin tasting session, led by horticulturist, herbalist and expert distiller, Philip Moore.

“This will be a very memorable and evocative experience for garden lovers and gin connoisseurs alike!” said Debbie Mills, Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation & Friends of the Botanic Gardens.

“These gardens are surprisingly well-kept secrets and summer is the best time to soak in their beauty! We know people are going to love being able to see, touch and smell as they wander between the twelve themed garden rooms of Mount Penang Gardens or stroll through the herb garden at Distillery Botanica.”

“But of course, the real highlight will be learning the secrets to blending summery Australian botanicals like Murraya along with jasmine, honeysuckle and orange blossom to create a unique gin – and then you get to taste some! The perfect way to end a gorgeous day!”

Gin originated in the in the 17th Century when it was first used to treat medical complaints. With the European shrub ‘juniper’ as its key ingredient, the product is intrinsically linked to botanicals and aromatic gardens. There are very few limitations to the distillation process, meaning that gins can be flavoured by just about anything plant-based, from herbs to flowers to fruit peels and even berries.
Mount Penang Gardens and Distillery Botanica Tour - hosted by Foundation & Friends of the Garden
  • Date: Thursday 23 February 2017
  • Time: 8.30am – 4.30pm
  • Includes: Transport, two guided tours, morning tea and gin tasting
  • Cost: $120 or $100 for members

For more information or to book online, visit the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney website here.

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