jueves, 2 de febrero de 2017

Milonga para los Niños

Pure Milonguero Milonga Brisbane

Sat February 11
No live band this month, just great music, so the entry price is reduced to $10.

Emi needs our help
Proceeds from this month's milonga go to a special appeal for Emi Taddey, a little boy in Rosario, Argentina, who is suffering a rare congenital malformation called "Vesical Extrophy" or Exposed Bladder.
His latest operation, scheduled for May 2016, was cancelled for lack of funds.
Emi's dad was killed in a car accident when he was 5 months old and his mother has no regular income, let alone the ability to save for life-saving surgery for her child.

Read Emi's story here >>
You can help spread the love.  Your attendance at the milonga will be sincerely appreciated.
Warmest regards,
Milonga Para Los Niños

Pure Milonguero is a monthly milonga for lovers of classic Argentine Tango music and dance. Everyone is welcome to come in to dance, watch or just listen to great Tango.
Holland Park Rec. Club (formerly Bowls Club), Abbotsleigh St., Holland Park  (Right here >>)
From 7:30pm
Entry - $15

The preferred style at this milonga is the close-embrace style of Tango known as "Milonguero Style". This is the style danced in crowded city milongas in Buenos Aires, the home of Tango. A simple style of dance without static, showy figures, it concentrates on the intense personal connection between the dance partners and the music.

All recorded music is professionally re-mastered by ToTango.net and played on Cerwin Vega CS28 audio for the highest fidelity, best quality audio that we can provide.

Pure Milonguero is a Milonga Para Los Niños event. Our objectives are:
To support the social work of Milonga Para Los Niños in Argentina & Latin America.
To support live Tango music in our region, and

To provide a venue for classic close-embrace Argentine Tango.

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