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Conferencia sobre respeto and violencia de género

Forum: A conversation on respect

This interactive forum completes the 2016 That Inspires Respect project by drawing together a diverse group of people to discuss the issues of respect and its links to gender based violence. The forum will include a screening of the films produced in the project, an opportunity to hear of this experience through the voices of its creators and a discussion with key advocates of gender equality and respect from a variety of viewpoints.

The forum will take place on Thursday, Dec. 8th from 6pm at Siteworks, 33 Saxon St. Brunswick with the participation of:

Fiona McCormack – Domestic Violence Victoria
Julie Kun - WIRE Women’s Information & Referral Exchange 
Annie Douglas – Women’s Health in the North 
Cara Gleeson – Young Women’s Christian Association Victoria 

Please follow this link to register (free) for the forum:

That Inspires Respect is an arts and education project which brings youth into contact with the value of respect required to ensure violence against women is eliminated from society for good. The aim of the project is to drive a strong message of prevention of violence through respect, bringing young voices out to the public at a critical age of development and building relationships. 

In the 2016 edition of the project, students from 4 secondary schools from the Moreland City Council and Hume City Council areas, teamed up with filmmakers to collaboratively write and produce short films with messages of respect. Two films were written and produced, highlighting issues including bullying, gender stereotypes, peer pressure and discrimination, through the voices and experiences of the youth themselves.

The project was developed in partnership by Casa Cultura and JERA International, Justice Equality Rights Access International, funded by The R.E. Ross Trust and the Moreland City Council, and made possible with support from Banksia Gardens Community Services, the Coburg Community Houses, School of Media and Communication - RMIT University, WIRE - Women's Information and Referral Exchange and Refuge of Hope.

Twitter: @InspiresRespect
Instagram: @thatinspiresrespect

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